“Be Where Your Feet Are”

If you know anything about college football, then you know the name Nick Saban. He is the head football coach for the University of Alabama. Nick Saban has lead Alabama to win 5 championship titles. The football program strives for excellence in all they do. If you were to ask one of their towel boys what are they doing while working with towels in the weight room, they would reply, “I am preparing to win a national championship.”

Although I may watch a football game here or there, I am not much of a football fan. My husband on the other hand loves all things Alabama! Because he loves it so, I go ahead and join him and yell, “Roll Tide Roll!”

Nick Saban stands by a phrase that bleeds through the whole program. The phrase is simply, “Be where your feet are.”

This phrase has many applications. One use of this phrase is to warn you that mistakes can easily happen when you get ahead of yourself. When a football player is focused on running, before he catches the ball, he has a great chance of dropping the pass. When his feet are planted in a position to catch the ball, his eyes and mind should be on that as well. He is most effective when his mind and his feet are on the same page.

You have to catch the ball first, then run.

“Be where your feet are.”

When I heard this phrase, I was blown away by it’s wisdom. You may not find this phrase in the bible, but it can be applied to the life of the believer.

It is so easy to get ahead of yourself and/or the Lord and not realize He has you where you are for a reason. Oftentimes we don’t like our current season, so we try to speed it along to get to the next one. But your feet are not in the next season yet, they are in your current season. As believers, we have to be present in our current season. The Lord has us right where He wants us. It is our job to be present and content, with where the Lord has us.

“But godliness with contentment is great gain.”

1 Timothy 6:6

Godliness with contentment is great gain.

Be content where you are. Enjoy where you are. Be present in the season you are in. This season is a part of your journey. Don’t get ahead of the Lord and move before it is time. Mistakes are sure to happen when you move ahead of Him.

Pray and ask the Lord to help you be present, content, and enjoy where you are.

The Bible says in Psalm 119: 105 that His word will light your path, therefore, you can indeed be where your feet are. He will not only light the path you are on now, He will also light the next path along your journey. He will do this only in His timing.

Accept where you are.

Be content with where you are.

Choose to grow where you are.

All this can be summed up into one phrase, “Be where your feet are.” Let us be intentional about applying this wisdom to our lives.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I love this analogy- it reminds me to stand still and see the wondrous work of the LORD – all praises be unto the True and Living God

  2. Jaynta Mae says:

    Love this. Needed this.

    1. So glad it was able to bless you!

  3. Jaspet says:

    Wow what a word Thanks Sis.

    1. You’re so welcome. So glad it was able to bless you!

  4. Dasaree Morris says:

    Wow!!!! I needed to read this!! Thank you!!

    1. You’re so welcome. So glad it was what you needed!

  5. James Moore says:

    Very enlightening….wisdom is all over this …keep it up…

    1. Praise the Lord! Will do!

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