3 ways we sabotage our spiritual growth (and how to stop doing them)

“My goal is to lose 20 pounds this year.”

You make this declaration at the onset of a new year and devise a plan to reach said goal. A few weeks go by, and you find yourself at your favorite fast food restaurant, ordering a number one with a coke.


You believe losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle is a good thing for you, yet you still find yourself engaging in behaviors that directly conflict with the goal you set.


There was a recent job opening at your company, and you desired to apply. You glance over the job description and deadline and commit to applying before the week is out. Self-doubt begins to set in, and procrastination is in full effect. You put applying off day after day until you mysteriously miss your deadline, and now it’s too late.

Deep down, you know you were made for that position, but procrastination causes you to delay your career progress.


How many of us can relate to giving way to these types of behaviors? I’m sure we all have participated in self-sabotaging our growth in one or many areas of our lives. Self-sabotage is when we engage in behavior that interferes with our ability to achieve our goals, thus hindering our growth.

As believers, we must understand that self-sabotage can affect any area of our lives, including our spiritual life.

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